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lushland: Hiya I'm selling Danielle Bernstein's actual dress if you could let people know it would be great thank you xx


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Anonymous: Hi! I was just wondering if you could tell me what's the name of the widget/gadget that Danielle and others bloggers have under a post where they put the ítems they mentioned?! Do you know what I mean? xx

I know what you mean, but unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it. I’ll ask around though x

January 28, 2014 • reblog →
Anonymous: Do you know where danielle's leopard print coat is from that she wore to lfw fashion week this year?? thanks!

I’ve been searching for it all night, and I am sorry to sat that I haven’t found it.. yet! It appears to be similar to the one Kate Moss wore the other day, and there is a similar one at ASOS, I’ll try to ask my friend, and I’ll get back to you on that. x

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“weworewhat: ✈ just landed in LA, fresh matte black with shiny tip mani #handled by @misshandly”
Danielle just posted this picture on her Instagram.

weworewhat just landed in LA, fresh matte black with shiny tip mani #handled by @misshandly

Danielle just posted this picture on her Instagram.

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Anonymous: What do u think about @DanielleBeFacts on twitter?

She is very very lovely! One of my few favorite Danielle accounts on Twitter. I love her so much, even though we hardly talk x

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Anonymous: U have twitter dedicated to Danielle?

I have! It’s @BernsteinStyle xx

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Anonymous: Does Danielle have a Facebook? Apart from her page? and if so, do u know it? xxx

Of course she does. I know it, but I won’t give it out. 

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Anonymous: Hey do you know Danielle's birthday by any chance? Love the blog by the way

It’s May 28th. It is stated in the FAQ :) Thank you x

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Anonymous: i went to high school with danielle. she didn't dress as terribly as some of the girls in our school but definitely not as amazing as she did now. i was in her fashion marketing class. haha. she would wear a lot of black leggings and just sweaters. interesting to see how she has risen over time. quite a change from how she was when i was her classmate.

Well, considering how much the definition of ‘Fashion’ changed since then, it’s a must that she changed the way she dressed. She still wears leggings and sweaters, occasionally, haha. Everyone changes through time, and she did :) x

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Anonymous: what does danielle mean by Shoppable Below?

It means that the items she referred to, can be purchased/bought below :) 

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